Oh, hi.

My name is Jay and I want to share one of my super powers with you.

The super power that I am referring to is curiosity.

I want to know how people can lead their happiest possible lives by becoming the healthiest and most fully-realized humans that they can be. It sounds simple, but it seems to me that this is an easy thing to get wrong for a lot of folks, myself included. It gets confusing as heck, right? So much advice, so many voices – these are the common problems but the biggest factor that we simply must get right has got to be intent. We need to know in our minds and hearts that we are on the right path and we need to be clear on why we are on that path. When we know we are on the right path, we are able to fully engage our full innate powers, and that’s when all the best stuff happens.

We as humans have a great deal more power than we tend to give ourselves credit for. One of my favourite powers is this: when we have a compelling why in our minds, we are able to achieve virtually anything. That’s what I mean above when I mention intent. Maybe we want to look good in the eyes of others, maybe we feel like we have something to prove to the world or maybe we just have trouble accepting ourselves for some deep-rooted reason that I’m not qualified to even speculate on. The problem with those first two things is that they are extrinsic motivators and because they are not coming from deep within ourselves, they are not going to be compelling enough to keep us going when the going gets tough. To get on your own path, you need intrinsic motivation and you need to build self-discipline; these are much easier once you are clear on your own personal why.

On my own path to living happily and healthily, I got it wrong many times and I may still continue to stumble occasionally, but one thing that helped was getting clear on why I needed to make new choices. (I will likely write a future post or two on this topic, but for now, you can read my back story here.)

So here’s the deal: as I write v1.0 of this about page, there’s nothing for sale on this site. Wherever I mention any books, there will probably be an affiliate link that I will surely appreciate you using to help cover my costs of doing this, but that’s it. All I’m trying to sell you on is that you already have the power to make your life everything you want it to be. That starts with getting clear on your why, while staying curious and open about how.

What can you expect from me, content-wise? I want to have interesting discussions with smart, empowered people who approach health and wellness from the perspective of optimizing the total health of the person. Total health, of the body, mind and spirit, is the only true health and I can’t wait to learn more about how we can all build and enhance our own total health and wellness. If anything sounds like hippy nonsense to you, know that I will only be sharing science-backed hippy nonsense. 😉 Along the way, while I’m happy for those who feel good leaning on faith and belief, I will always be looking for proof. Proof is really cool.

Let’s have fun living happily healthily; let’s optimize for awesomeness.

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