“Vulnerability makes us ripe for growth.”
– Justin Duguay

Justin Duguay ( @jtdioxide ) is a gym owner and an incredible movement coach, but he’s also a deep thinker about the interrelatedness of physical health with emotional health and happiness.

In our discussion, we have a few laughs and dig into:

  • Thinking about discomfort as describing step one of a success system
  • His 63 y.o. mother in law’s squat powers.
  • Perception of progress vs. actual or objective progress
  • Decoding the importance of doing hard things.

You’ll quickly recognize that Justin is a guy who is very motivated by helping other people perform better in their lives.  He shares a lot of his coaching reflections and insights on Instagram at @jtdioxide or you can check out his blog at www.CrossfitDioxide.com .