“No bad days.”
– Ryan McDonough (@dunnashreds)

I almost chickened out on this one.

I thought long and hard before even putting the wheels in motion for this episode and reaching out to Ryan.  This podcast is about optimizing for awesomeness and to some listeners that might imply a particular starting point.  Maybe that starting point feels like wherever you happen to be at in your life’s journey right now; that would make perfect sense.

And that’s the thing; we’re all at totally different stages of life, and each of us is on our unique path.  Sometimes we think our path is already pretty well optimized but then something comes along to challenge that belief.  In Ryan’s case, that challenge was confronting the fact that he was an alcoholic and an addict and I suppose that’s what made me consider this one so carefully as not everybody is going to identify with his particular experience.

The thing is, the great thing, about this story, is that no matter where we are on our own journey, we can relate to Ryan’s story on some level.  By even seeking to optimize for awesomeness in life, we implicitly acknowledge that we can always continue to grow and we take responsibility for that growth.  We empower ourselves to look for areas of our lives that can be made better by owning our situation, making new decisions, changing our outlook or building new habits.

Ryan is a lucky guy – he had the presence of mind to accept the help when it was offered to him.  Life was teaching him a hard lesson, but luckily he was present in class that day and paying attention to what he needed to learn.

That’s an important lesson of its own.

Postscript: If you listen to Ryan’s story and start to wonder if you should be seeking help, I encourage you to reach out to him via Instagram at his handle, @dunnashreds  He is loving life right now and gets super hyped on helping other people feel the same.


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