“We’ve got to get out of the habitual thinking, and the only way to do that is to put new thoughts in.” – Denise Marek

Denise Marek (@marekdenise)used to be a self-proclaimed expert at worrying, and the root cause for that turned out to be linked to events that happened very early in her life.  Finally, she realized that she was able to look at her circumstances differently and it was then that she began to identify the four steps to getting herself (and others) from a state of worried and stressed to a state of calm and to eventually begin working on a path of self-mastery.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Denise’s proven four-step process for managing fear and getting yourself CALM
  • How she became an expert at worrying before she became the worry management expert.
  • How she made up her mind to get the same book agent as Dr. Phil and then easily made it happen.
  • How to train fleas. (Who knew that was even still a thing?)

Denise gets extremely real with me in this interview; be sure to stick around to the end for an amazing honest view into her origin story.  If you want to put a name to the face and check out more of what Denise is up to, you can follow her on Instagram at @marekdenise or check out her website, denisemarek.com

Links/Mentions From The Episode:

Dr. Jerri Lin Nielsen, the doctor who self-treated for breast cancer while stationed on the South Pole.

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