“The best diet theory is the one that relates best to your unique hormonal function.” 
– Bharat Oza

Stress-reduced fat loss expert Bharat Oza  ( @b_elite_bharat ) is back and this time he’s answering your questions as submitted via Instagram and our Facebook Page.

Among other things, Bharat shares:

  • His thoughts on what makes “the best nutrition strategy”
  • What’s the deal with intermittent fasting and is it right for you?
  • Thoughts on Bulletproof and other fatty coffees
  • Pros and cons of paleo, ketogenic, HCLF, plant-based diets

Bharat still spends loads of time learning and sharing as he explores how we can all live better lives.  Want to learn more from Bharat?  Tune in to his weekly Facebook live videos at 9:00am EST each week where he shares a ton of great information.


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