“The more you move, the more you exercise, the less stressed you are and the lower the risk of chronic conditions.”  Richard Cisneros

Richard Cisneros is a physiotherapist and acupuncturist who specializes in helping athletes recover from injury or lapsed athletes ramp themselves back into better, stronger movement.  He’s on the podcast because I admire how his methodology empowers the patient with a focus on returning them to at least some movement as soon as possible.

We ended up having to restart a couple of times due to having a bit too much fun, but here’s what we got recorded for the episode:

  • The surprising therapeutic power of deadlifts
  • His impactful internship at a neuro-rehab clinic
  • Richard’s philosophy on how our mental game plays into our physical game

Richard is super passionate about helping people to perform optimally, simply by enhancing human movement.  Connect with him via his clinic’s website, right HERE.

Links and Mentions:

Episode 4, featuring Greg Amundson
Website for Richard’s clinic.