Sarah Beatty (@9tothrive_inc) is the founder 9 to Thrive, a brand new a corporate wellness events company who deliver fitness events to workplaces.  Tired of constantly struggling to balance a busy workload with her health and well-being and inspired by her passion for health and wellness, she focused on creating an easy way to bring healthy activities TO the workplace.

But this episode isn’t all about workplace wellness!

Sarah is also a personal trainer and has some great tips for helping people to get started on their own wellness journey, so if that’s where you’re at and what you’re looking for, we’ve got that in the conversation too.

In the episode, Sarah shares:

  • How small changes can lead to discovering your hidden superpowers.
  • How smaller businesses can offer wellness initiatives that help them attract talent.
  • How to start building workplace wellness initiatives with your teams, even with no budget.
  • Measuring the ROI of workplace wellness initiatives

Links/Mentions From The Episode

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