“We live our lives as if our next day is so guaranteed, but it’s urgent.  Life is urgent.”
– Justin Duguay

Justin Duguay ( @jtdioxide ) is back for round two and we both agree that we pushed ourselves a bit into the zone of discomfort at times with this one. I happen to think that adds value to the episode, but you will have to decide for yourselves.  Justin is, after all, the guy who said, “Vulnerability makes us ripe for growth,” during his interview in episode three.

Covered in this episode:

  • A unique project that Justin and his sister, Danielle, have brought to a local school
  • An inconvenient truth about the fitness industry and its experts
  • A story of two encounters that have brought focus to his life

You’ll quickly recognize that Justin is a guy who is very motivated by helping other people perform better in their lives.  He shares a lot of his coaching reflections and insights on Instagram at @jtdioxide or you can check out his blog at www.CrossfitDioxide.com .


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